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The ICCHP Summer University 2011 was held in Telč, Czech Republic and hosted altogether 58 participants from 12 countries. 25 of the participants were visually impaired students, teachers and lecturers. A team of 26 people - organizers, technicians and assistants from the Teiresias centre - was involved in the preparation of the event. There were altogether 26 workshops prepared, from which 7 were targeted to teachers and experts working for the visually impaired. The participants came from a rich variety of countries. Apart from European countries, there were representatives from Japan, the United States and New Zealand.

The final report from the event with a detailed summary of the wrap up session is ready to download.
Summer University 2011 - evaluation report as PDF
Summer University 2011 - evaluation report as doc

Students as well as teachers had the chance to attend many interesting workshops.Interesting tools for teaching geometry for visually impaired students were introduced in some of the workshops.Part of the programme was also a visit to the chateau of Telč where the tour was adjusted to the needs of visually impaired participants.
The participants could also make use of the possibility of a tour on a tandem-bike.