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Summer University 2012

ICCHP Summer University 2012

on Maths, Science and Statistics
for Blind and Partially Sighted Students

July 9-13, 2012
Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

Latest News

SU 2012 was a well-organized and fruitful event. Participants and workshop leaders took the chance to learn quite a lot from each other. We are currently planing for next years' SU in Germany, Bad Herrenalb (Karlsruhe).

Preliminary list of workshops has been published

Registration is closed
The registration for ICCHP SU 2012 is closed.
Information on participation fees and payment can be found here.
Please note that places are limited and early registration is required.

Venue of ICCHP - SU 2012
Information on the venue for 2012, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

General information on ICCHP Summer University

Aims and Goals

ICCHP Summer University 2012 is a five-day workshop series that takes place within the framework of ICCHP 2012. ICCHP Summer University is addressed to blind and partially sighted students (late secondary or university level) who want to get to know latest technologies to assist them in dealing with mathematical, scientific, and statistical contents as well as to their teachers, giving them an opportunity to explore these methods and technologies hands-on. Finally, developers of such technologies and researchers in the field will get valuable end user feedback.

Come and get involved!

Mathematical, physical and chemical formulae as well as graphics, diagrams and figurative representations mean fundamental barriers for blind and partially sighted users.

Therefore, young partially sighted people are often not interested and open to those fields and accordingly their teachers often neglect their intellectual abilities and qualification.

The percentage of partially sighted youngsters in study programs like: Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Economics is far lower than the ratio of their sighted peers. The few who decide to enter such a study programme are often frustrated and disappointed due to a lack of support or knowledge on how to support them effectively. They change their study course or (in worst case) drop out.

It is a known fact that a global community needs the intellectual participation of all their members and ICT / AT is able and ready for this extensive inclusion.

Following this, the main goal of ICCHP Summer University is to bring together those who are prepared to change this situation, to foster networking and knowledge transfer between:

  • Students (from late secondary school as well as university level)
  • Teachers and educational experts
  • Counselors and supporters of students with disabilities
  • Companies and developers in the field of ICT / AT

The dialogue between all involved stakeholders and corresponding content and input will promote a common understanding of various barriers and issues and lead to proposals of technical and educational solutions.

The closing wrap-up session of ICCHP Summer University 2012 will once again be used for deriving, collecting and compiling recommendations towards the (secondary school and Higher Education) systems to improve the support and the inclusion of blind and partially sighted students.

More information to come.