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Workshop: Creating slide presentations in LaTeX

Presented by Michael Whapples

It can be difficult for blind people to create PowerPoint presentations which include mathematical content. This workshop will put forward using the beamer LaTeX package as an alternative. This workshop will be taught with prepared sample presentations which attendees may study to explore the various features offered within the beamer package. By attending the workshop attendees will gain knowledge of the main concepts involved in creating a beamer presentation.

As this workshop is focused on using the beamer package it is desired that the attendees have a knowledge of creating basic LaTeX documents and an understanding of the basic LaTeX syntax. Hopefully the beginner level workshop on writing LaTeX documents will provide sufficient knowledge. While this workshop may use some mathematical notation in the samples, it is not necessary for attendees to have a good knowledge of the mathematical notation as any included maths is simply to illustrate that maths can be used in beamer presentations.