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Workshop: LaTeX and Graphics

presented by Michael Whapples

As graphics can be very important within STEM subjects, this workshop will cover techniques for including graphics within documents created in the popular LaTeX typesetting language. This workshop intends to cover the two following use cases in detail:

  • Importing an image from an existing image file (e.g. from a JPG or PDF) by using the graphicx package. Details of what types of images can be imported and how to customise the appearance of imported images will be discussed.
  • Drawing an image using the PGF package in LaTeX. Details of how to use its coordinate system, the types of lines and shapes, the different options which can be applied to elements and more will be discussed.

While many sample documents will be used to illustrate the ways of using the packages mentioned above, it is planned that there may be a chance for attendees to try using the software for themselves. For those who will not be able to see the resulting images on the computer screen, tactile versions could be produced on the tiger printer to assist in understanding what the drawing looks like.

As this workshop will be focused on the packages and tasks mentioned above, it is desired that attendees have an understanding of how to create LaTeX documents and the meaning of the basic syntax. Hopefully sufficient knowledge could be gained from the beginner level workshop on writing LaTeX documents.