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Workshop: Using LaTeX notation within blogs and wikis

Presented by Michael Whapples and Thorsten Schwarz

As many see the LaTeX language as being difficult to learn as it fully replaces normal document authoring tools and so requires learning a large amount of syntax, this workshop intends to show that one can use the LaTeX notation as an accessible method of dealing with mathematics within other software. This workshop will use a wiki to illustrate how the LaTeX notation can be used within software. Although this workshop will only make use of a wiki, it should be noted that the notation can be used in many tools including blogs and MathType.

The workshop will be run very much allowing attendees to try out the software for themselves. A number of samples will be provided to help guide the attendees in learning about the notation used and they will be encouraged to explore the features available.

This workshop does not require prior knowledge of the LaTeX language, however those with a basic knowledge of LaTeX, particularly the maths notation, may find it easier to get started with this workshop.