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Workshop: TeXnicCenter: A Powerful LaTeX Editor

Presented by Gerhard Jaworek

LaTeX as a world wide used plain text math coding and typesetting language is very popular amongst blind mathematicians and physicists in educational and professional contexts. Nevertheless: Writing complex LaTeX documents completely by hand is not only a very time consuming job but also a source of unnecessary errors about which the compiler will complain.

This is where TeXnicCenter comes in the game.
TeXnicCenter is a straight forward and fully accessible open source LaTeX editor with a multi document interface, fully configurable keyboard shortcuts and - most important - an integration into already installed TeX distributions like TeXLive or MikTeX.

The workshop's agenda is as follows:

  1. Activation of the accessibility functions in TC (3 Key strokes)
  2. Overview about the menues, toolbars and windows of TC
  3. Our first example: From source code to PDF
  4. Error handling
  5. A more complex example within math

Of course you should have a basic understanding of the most important LaTeX commands and document structure (if not, attend the LaTeX workshops offered here). You should know how to read screen content with your screenreader's cursor.