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Workshop: Reading scientific documents in print or PDF with InftyReader

Presented by Masakazu Suzuki, John Gardner, Katsuhito Yamaguchi and Toshihiro Kanahori

The workshop will use the new Infty Reader 3 to convert PDF documents or scanned paper documents into electronic form. The output can be opened in Infty Editor or ChattyInfty so that OCR corrections can be made, or it can be exported directly to various other accessible formats. The resulting exported document can be read by sighted people in a variety of word processors or as a web document in any web browser. An exported document can be read by various print-disabled people in ChattyInfty3, MS Word, in Internet Explorer+MathPlayer, or it can be embossed in braille. The new Infty Reader version is more accurate in recognizing complex layout and can be coupled with the FineReader OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine for improved recognition.