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Workshop: TactileView

Presented by Jaap Breider

TactileView is a tool to create, store, retrieve and use tactile diagrams of all kinds to ensure that VIP’s enjoy them. Under this umbrella a range of products and (web based) services are available to increase the awareness for and distribution of tactile diagrams.
Not only Tactile diagrams as such, but also the diagrams extended with audio information as audio-tactile diagrams can be enjoyed.

  1. Computerised editing / production in Braille or on swell paper
    • ‘Timeless/infinitive’ diagrams from over 180 categories in the multilingual catalogue
    • Mathematical graphs for any formula
    • City maps around any address
    • Maps for topography and geography
  2. Drawing by hand on the TactiPad and as cream on the cake digitize the same drawing with the TactileView design – and production software and the TactileView digital pen.
  3. Learning how to understand a 2D image as a representation of the 3D world with the TactileScope
  4. Having someone somewhere else that can see with the TactileView Assist which diagram you are checking out. Have this person assisting you with understanding this diagram or educating you about the specific content.
  5. After participating you will have a more in depth knowledge about the steps in the process of getting tactile diagrams in the hands of the user.
    As an underlay you will get a feel for what is involved in the process of Selection, editing/designing, archiving, distribution, production, administration/ financing, reading/evaluation and engagement.

Part 1
Creating an easy to read graph, as an expression of any formula. Sample graphs will be available to be discussed and evaluated.
Production of the graphs can be on any production media.
Install the TactileView software on your computer in demo mode and play around with all the settings that make up for a tactile usable graph.
You will learn what the optimal appearance for a graph is for you is.

Part 2
Creating your own drawing on the TactiPad drawing board, either you create something fancy or something more technical, we will have it made in tactile. You can use the drawing tools in a hands on session and we will assist you in expressing your ‘pictures in mind’.
In conjunction with the TactileView digital pen and the TactileView software you are able to send your image to your friends.