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Workshop: Writing your formulae and Organizing your Calculations with Lambda

Presented by Bernhard Stöger

This workshop will introduce you to the powerful mathematical editor Lambda. This software package lets you:

  • Read maths formulas in a convenient and easy-to-learn way on your Braille display, by using an intuitive 8-dot Braille code
  • Read your formulas through synthetic speech
  • Write your formulas with the help of a menu
  • Browse easily through a complex formula – you can hide lengthy parts of it, which you do not want to see for the moment, but you can also easily bring them back to your Braille display.
  • Organize your calculations in a way that you do not get lost that easily
  • Share your work with sighted people – teachers or peers -, by allowing them to see a snapshot of your current formula in a nice graphical format. In addition, the representation of expressions as it appears to a sighted person is, although not classical formula representation, nonetheless understandable for a sighted individual after some easy learning.