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Workshop: How to read and create UML diagrams for blind persons

Presented by Karin Müller and Claudia Loitsch

Studying natural sciences, engineering and computer sciences or engineering economics involves knowledge about programming. Many programming courses use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to teach students object-oriented programming. UML is a standardized language for designing object-oriented software systems.
The workshop offers a brief summary of the most common types of UML diagrams. In a second step, we will present tactile graphics of various UML diagrams. Moreover, we will describe a way of how to write UML diagrams in PlantUML. PlantUML is a simple and intuitive language. The advantage of PlantUML is that it is open source software and can be used as a plugin in eclipse. Moreover, PlantUML creates diagrams which can be printed on a normal printer. In the second part of the workshop, the participants will start to create UML diagrams with PlantUML themselves.

Requirements for the workshop:

  • Basic knowledge of UML

Please install the following packages: