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A braille pupil in the mainstream classroom: working with graphs, relief drawings, 3D objects and calculators

Presented by Sarah Van Liefferinge

In this workshop we want to show teachers some alternatives for teaching maths to a braille pupil. They will get concrete tips and tricks on how to deal with graphs. A sighted person can get an overview of a graph at a glance and can immediately switch between global and local characteristics. This is very difficult for braille students. Furthermore, they'll learn about calculators which are accessible for braille pupils (Allercalc & Excel). We will show some Excel templates useful when working with graphs. Also, we will talk about the characteristics of good relief drawings (graphs as well as other subjects) and tools and materials to draw graphs. We will also let them feel when it's better to replace a drawing with a 3D object, or use both to deepen the insight of the braille pupil.