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Feedback from a participant

Here is a message we received from Bert, who have been attending the SU as workshop leader :

ICCHP Summer University is a great opportunity to learn about new technologies making maths and science more accessible, and to exchange tips and good practices among each other. ICCHP-SU generates, however, useful output that can be of great value to those who have not been able to attend this event, since the course material is put online afterwards.
I myself presented a workshop on Stata (statistical software) a few times. While I learnt a lot from other participants and workshop leaders during the SU, I gave my workshop attendants some practical tips on how to get the best out of the Stata package. Indeed, Stata is not fully accessible but some tricks can help you to get around the problems.
Several months later, I had an E-mail conversation with a blind Ph.D. student in South Korea, who was using Stata and who had been reading my course material. I have also been contacted by a disability officer from Missouri State University, who was supporting a visually impaired student in his use with Stata and who stumbled upon my online course material. I know that the team from Missouri have recently been in touch with Stata Corporation, and they will be working together with StataCorp to make the software accessible out-of-the-box.

Bert Van Landeghem

If you have been attending the Summer University in the past, don't hesitate to send me your comments.