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Report on the Summer University 2010

The first Summer University on Math, Science, and Statistics was held on July 11 and 12 2010, within the pre-conference of ICCHP 2010. The idea was to bring together students, teachers, and researchers/developers in the area.

The event was attended by 19 students from 10 countries. 12 experts from 8 countries presented a rich collection of workshops both on a technological and a pedagogical level.

This report contains information, teaching material, questions and answers about all the sessions. Audio recordings from most of the sessions are available.

The event consisted of three phases:

  1. A 90 minutes Opening plenary session
  2. The main part, consisting of 6 workshop sessions, 2 hours each
  3. A 90 minutes wrap-up session, to close the event

The Summer University was welcomed and enjoyed both by the workshop presenters and by the students. It proved that there is a lot of supportive material available, but it proved also that much of this material is not yet known to those who may need it, and that the user community has a lot of different needs which the developers are not aware of. It was generally agreed that subsequent similar meetings are required in order to substantially improve the situation.

In the following list, the workshop where audio recordings are available are indicated with the logo audio available. They were processed by Julien Claassen, SZS Karlsruhe, Germany.

Session reports

Plenary sessions

  1. Opening session audio available
  2. Accessibility of SPSS: Results of a Study audio available
  3. Wrap-up session audio available


Reading and Writing Math

Graphics and MS Word Math


Special Slot for Teachers