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Wrap-up Session Report

Within the closing session, the moderator Joachim Klaus gave representatives from all the groups involved - students, teachers, developers, and event organizers - a time slot to express their opinion about the event, and to talk about their visions for the future. In what follows, we shall sum up the most important statements.

  • It was agreed that an event like the Summer University is very much needed, and should be organized again.
  • Some people complained about technical problems during the workshops, which prevented them from getting the maximum out of them. It was suggested that a session where all the technical problems would be solved in advance should be arranged prior to the workshop programme; the idea to settle all this in an optional meeting the day before the event, which we followed this time, was not felt to be that suitable.
  • Most attendees were satisfied with what was offered - it essentially met their expectations. However, it was found that time to get deeper into a subject was too short.
  • Some students expressed their desire for an opportunity to discuss matters specific to their particular field of study, e.g., computer science
  • Especially one presenter praised the high level of the students present: He expressed that he found his presentation more a conversation than a one-way presentation. He said that he experienced such a high level for the first time.
  • It was criticised that the workshops were too much concentrated on Windows software - the desire to open up for alternative platforms was expressed.
  • Some people wished to have examples to play after the workshops, such that the workshop itself functions as an appetizer for deeper study. These examples should be collected at a web site, wiki, etc.
  • Especially one student complained that the time schedule did not allow him to attend all the workshops he would have been interested in.

Material from the session

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