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Learning LaTeX

What is a good and user friendly very well accessible tutorial or introduction to learn reading (and writing) LaTeX for an academic student who recently went blind and learnt Braille?

I have normally found the LaTeX book on wikibooks to be fairly useful. See

I have to say though my main learning of LaTeX was not a very formal process, much of it was done simply by reading many documents (normally ones which had been simplified for Braille translation at my university) and then looking up any commands I did not know what they meant. Normally when writing documents, if there has been a task which I don't know how to achieve thinking carefully about search terms and a search engine have come up with answers. Also for when there are questions it might be worth looking into TeX user groups at If the question relates to what a document is saying (IE. may be the content is not fully accessible so you don't quite know how the output appears from a given command) it might be worth mentioning that you cannot see the screen so that when people answer they understand that an image/screen shot doesn't help you.