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Workshop: Stata

Workshop leader: Bert van Landeghem

Recently, the World Bank has made its once rather expensive World Development Indicators freely available. This dataset contains data from 1960 to 2010 for more than 213 economies on a wide variety of topics such as national income, literacy, life expectancy and so on.

Everybody interested in social problems (and social science) will no doubt enjoy browsing this dataset. Indeed, the large set of indicators gathered from all over the world and during more than 5 decades of time allows us to investigate many different exciting questions. Has the gap between Western and African countries changed over the last decades, and do we observe different trends for different indicators? In 1990, the United nations have set some Millennium Development Goals, which should be reached by 2015. Is it likely that some of these goals will indeed be reached in a couple of years?

The data can be downloaded from the Internet, and will be analyzed with the statistical software package Stata. Statistical prerequisites: knowledge of the median, the mean, the maximum and minimum. A must for students who are eager to learn to work with data and statistical software!


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