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SU 2011: Venue

The Summer University 2011 will take place in venue of the University Centre Telč - premises of Masaryk University. The venue is located in city of Telč and resides in a historic complex formerly occupied by the Jesuit College. It has been generally reconstructed and reopened this year and it offers newly renovated lecture rooms, classrooms, offices, as well as canteen, café and accommodation facilities together in one complex of buildings. The near distance among the locations may make the independent orientation for blind participants as agreeable as possible, furthermore the restoration of the venue specially considered its accessibility. Accommodation rooms are equipped with its own bathroom and some of them are accessible for physically handicapped guests. A full arranged kitchen can serve as a meeting point for participants and can be used for cooking or using fridges.

The city of Telč is a town that was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list from 1992 and is a place which has inspired poets, enchanted painters and allured film directors. It is a town which each year hosts hundreds of musicians of all varieties and tens of thousands of those who come to listen to them, a town admired by lovers of architecture and attracted by historians researching its remarkable past, a place where sgraffiti and frescos on the decorated gables of patrician houses reflect Italian inspiration and which looks the same as it looked in the Middle Ages, and the chateau belongs among the jewels of Moravian Renaissance architecture. All of those gives great opportunities for leisure time activities which can be filled with either indoor relaxing or sightseeing tours around the historical monuments and memories of the town (Old Town, chateau, churches, public fountains and Marian column). It is offered to attend a folk festival being held from the end of July till middle of August full of music, theatre performances and concerts, a performance of a group presenting historical fencing or a trip by a historical steam train.

For further information, you can refer:

Telč city centre
The historic heart of the city
University Centre Telč
University Centre Telč

University Centre Telč - a view in the inner yard
Inner yard of the University Centre
room for students or teachers and experts

accommodation - students room with kitchen
students room with kitchen