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[Wrap-up session] Audio files

[Opening session] Audio files

[Braille and Maths workshop] Audio files

[ChattyInfty workshop] Audio files

[Audio Graphing Calculator workshop] Audio files

[ChattyInfty workshop] Questions and Answers

[Audio Graphing Calculator workshop] Questions and Answers

Table of contents

  1. Q: Do we need more than the ca. 5MB installation package?
  2. Q: What to do if it says anything about activation at startup?
  3. Q: What to do, if AGC doesn't talk?
  4. Q: What do we need to change in the options menu?
  5. Q: Does AGC always use an English voice, because I have a German GUI?
  6. Q: What is the advantage of AGC being self voicing?
  7. Q: Does AGC only support SAPI voices?
  8. Q: What, if I don't have a German SAPI voice?
  9. Q: Can you download a German voice from Microsoft?
  10. Q: How can I get to the scientific calculator window?
  11. Q: How to exactly get the sonification of a graph?
  12. Q: Can't I put JAWS just to sleep on AGC?
  13. Q: Why is the input "2x" invalid?
  14. Q: What happens, if a graph has more than one minimum?
  15. Q: How to enter decimal numbers or fractions?
  16. Q: Which intersections does ALT+i show?
  17. Q: How to enter random points?
  18. Q: If I enter "points=5" and hit ENTER, I hear "user". Is this correct?
  19. Q: Is it correct, that AGC pops after the last tone of a sonification?
  20. Q: How exactly to get to the plot source?
  21. Q: Where can you enter a matrix?
  22. Q: How to specify the number of columns and rows in a matrix?
  23. Q: Can you also solve a matrix?
  24. Q: How to open and close a matrix?
  25. Q: Can you put in the variable names in a matrix as well?
  26. Q: Can you also calculate the determinante of a matrix?
  27. Q: What is the voice in the wave recording supposed to do?
  28. Q: Can you also do the data plotting with tick marks and the rest of wave file refinements?
  29. Q: Can you also import graphs produced by other programs?
  30. Q: Are there other ways of marking negative y-coordinates?
  31. Q: Can you show arrow bars?
  32. Q: Is there a way to smooth curves?
  33. Q: What does AGC cost?
  34. Q: Can you say something about equation solving?
  35. Q: Does AGC have a logarithmic scale?
  36. Q: Doesn't AGC have an on-screen keyboard?
  37. Q: How is the sonification mapped?
  38. Q: Can you also show graphs, which are defined by different parameters?
  39. Q: Did you ever think of sonification of complex analysis?
  40. Q: Does AGC show the axes?
  41. Q: Can AGC decompose complex (dificult) functions?

[InftyReader workshop] Questions and Answers

[InftyReader workshop] Audio Files

[SPSS Plenary Session] Audio files


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