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SU 2012

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Workshop: R

Presented by Bert Van Landeghem

This workshop aims to illustrate how assistive technology can offer access to modern

statistical packages. In this workshop, the package R will be demonstrated.

R is one of the world’s fastest developing open-source projects today. It is statistical

software that is widely used in academic institutions, industry, and research facilities.

Because R is free, it has become an important resource for many statisticians in the developing


Workshop: Maxima

Presented by Julien Claassen.
A short tour through the multi OS general purpose Computer Algebra System Maxima. This workshop demonstrates some basic features of Maxima based on a short example of a curve sketching and the solving of linear and nonlinear equation systems.
For the full document accompanying the workshop, including the full text, instructions on installation, all examples and an appendix, please see: A Guide to Maxma.


Workshop: Typical problems of beginners in programming

Presented by Peter Lecký

The author of the workshop will introduce some frequent problems in programming caused mainly by blindness to participants. These problems will be analysed and solutions good enough for communication with sighted teachers / colleagues will be searched for.

Examples of problems:


A braille pupil in the mainstream classroom: working with graphs, relief drawings, 3D objects and calculators


Workshop: How to read and create UML diagrams for blind persons

Presented by Karin Müller and Claudia Loitsch


Workshop: Reading and Understanding Tactile Graphics

Presented by Gerhard Jaworek

Students who study technical subjects are confronted with many diagrams. At the SZS, the graphics are either described textually or printed tactile. Thus, the students must be able to explore, read, interpret and understand tactile graphics.

This brief training program, based on graphics which are produced with the Tiger Embosser, is intended to teach how to explore simple technical graphics like pie charts, graphs within a coordinate system and circuit diagrams.

The course starts with simple exercises such as


Workshop: Writing your formulae and Organizing your Calculations with Lambda

Presented by Bernhard Stöger

This workshop will introduce you to the powerful mathematical editor Lambda. This software package lets you:


Workshop: Haptic tools to introduce geometric concepts

Presented by Emanuela Ughi


Workshop: Scientific literature searches

Presented by Tim in't Veld

Every university study program requires students to perform literature searches. Nowadays many scientific articles and ebooks are available on the public internet and universities offer their students access to an even larger body of digital scientific literature. Unfortunately, the websites where you can find this material are often hard to access for screen reader users. Once you find a scientific article or ebook, it is often hard to read. Some documents are completely unreadable due to copy protection side effects.


Workshop: Converting scientific-paper/PDF documents into accessible formats


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