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SU 2012

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Workshop: Transcribing Literature for VI - How to transcribe texts and graphics with free available software

Presented by Thorsten Schwarz

Transcribed study materials have to be always adapted to the special need of each individual. Depending on the operation system (Windows, Linux, Mac) and visually impairment for:


Workshop: Workshop on reading and writing graphic

Presented by John and Carolyn Gardner


Workshop: Converting electronic formats to web and DAISY and reading them

Presented by Neil Soiffer and John Gardner

Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn to author scientific documents in MS Word+MathType and to convert Word files to XHTML and DAISY. Participants will read web files with MathML in speech using a screen reader, Internet Explorer, and MathPlayer. DAISY files can be read with DAISY players, but DAISY reading will not be part of the workshop.


Workshop: Reading scientific documents in print or PDF with InftyReader

Workshop: Reading and Authoring scientific documents with ChattyInfty 3

Presented by Katsuhito Yamaguchi, Toshihiro Kanahori and Masakazu Suzuki

Participants with various print disabilities will learn to use the new ChattyInfty 3 scientific word processor to read and author scientific documents including complicated math formulae, tables and so on. Resulting documents can be converted into various accessible formats such as DAISY books, LaTeX, MS Word, or XHTML (MathML).


Workshop: Embossing scientific documents

Presented by John and Carolyn Gardner

Participants will convert an existing MS Word document to braille using ViewPlus Tiger Software Suite. Tables that are too large to emboss as part of the document will be cut out and embossed as separate documents in MS Word or MS Excel. Even very large scientific tables can be embossed in landscape mode on multiple pages.


Workshop: TeXnicCenter: A Powerful LaTeX Editor

Presented by Gerhard Jaworek

LaTeX as a world wide used plain text math coding and typesetting language is very popular amongst blind mathematicians and physicists in educational and professional contexts. Nevertheless: Writing complex LaTeX documents completely by hand is not only a very time consuming job but also a source of unnecessary errors about which the compiler will complain.


Workshop: Using LaTeX notation within blogs and wikis


Workshop: LaTeX and Graphics

presented by Michael Whapples

As graphics can be very important within STEM subjects, this workshop will cover techniques for including graphics within documents created in the popular LaTeX typesetting language. This workshop intends to cover the two following use cases in detail:


Workshop: Creating slide presentations in LaTeX

Presented by Michael Whapples

It can be difficult for blind people to create PowerPoint presentations which include mathematical content. This workshop will put forward using the beamer LaTeX package as an alternative. This workshop will be taught with prepared sample presentations which attendees may study to explore the various features offered within the beamer package. By attending the workshop attendees will gain knowledge of the main concepts involved in creating a beamer presentation.



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