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Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

In my “standard” professional life I am a researcher in Geometry, with interests in finite fields and rigidity of graphs.
But, in 1998, I started to make mathematical models, in a very simple way, using wood, plexiglass, wool treads, to better share my mental mathematical images with my students; the objects have to be touched, moved, disassembled... to communicate an idea or a theorem or an algorithm.
I was not aware, at that time, of the consequences that this would have in my professional life: in few years I built a mathematical travelling exhibition, and the success of it far exceeded my expectations: in 15 years, it had more than 40 locations (in Italy and abroad) and 50000 visitors, and became one among the Scientific Museums of the University of Perugia.
Also, I organized a lot of collateral teaching activities to promote a similar “from concrete to abstract” approach to mathematics; in particular, with the Laboratorio di Scienze Sperimentali di Foligno, I planned and produced teaching materials purposely made for children with special needs (blind, deaf, dyscalculic, having cognitive problems), and organized mathematics activities for them. It was a satisfaction to see children to arrive the first time sad and bored, and, week over week, to start to smile during these hours, while improving a bit their skills.
From this experiences I started to run Bhaskara, a spinoff of the University of Perugia, whose mission is to disseminate this approach through activities and services for schools and institutions, through new mathematical tools for students and teachers, but also through proposals as mathematical games, gadgets, movies for a long life learning.

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